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Martin is a writer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. His first book, The UFO Diaries: Travels in the Weird World of High Strangeness, was published in 2011. Shaun Micallef described it as “the perfect book to read while being probed aboard the mothership” – which means it was good, right? (Right?) Since then Martin has made numerous appearances in the national media, and his writing has appeared in short story collections and newspapers.

Martin lives with a lovely librarian-companion and their two young sons, named after a Pacific island and a Trojan hero respectively. When he’s not playing games or writing, Martin works in the not-for-profit sector. He came up with the idea for Games vs Play while pushing the pram on a long, long walk.



Falk’s most recent metapsionic assay indicated minor latent farsensing potential, but not a blip of the coercive metafaculty. This made him sad, since he’d always hoped to one day be able to mind-zap commuters who insist on loudly shouting “I’m on the train” into their communication devices.



ABJet or “AB” is a mild mannered image gatherer by day and a raging geek by night. His nerd-fate was sealed when his grandmother began reading Spiderman and Phantom comics out loud to him as a child.

In between geeking out over films and comic books, AB has co-authored two books on image retouching using Photoshop. In his abundant spare time, he also lectures at a university in Melbourne.