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Would you like to write for Games vs Play?
If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Games vs Play is looking for stories on anything to do with the world of games. That includes boardgames, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures, computer games, LARPs, augmented reality games, gamebooks and interactive fiction, games conventions, cosplay, escape rooms, and more.

If we’ve forgotten something, write a story about it and let us know!

Reviews, stories, videos and photo essays are all welcome.
Send us your pitch with the word “SUBMISSION” in the subject line via the Games vs Play contact page.

  • Written pieces should be between 400 – 2000 words and submitted in plain text
  • Videos should be under 10 minutes, please send us a DropBox or G-Drive download link

We love smart and engaging analysis, but please don’t send us anything that needs footnotes. Spam or shameless self-promotion won’t find a home here either.

Please note that we can’t pay contributors for their work at this time. In fact, we can’t pay ourselves either. Oh well – do it for the love of games!