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50 Games in 50 Weeks Leaderboard: 16 Games to Go!

50 Games in 50 Weeks Leaderboard: 16 Games to Go!

Session 1: Saturday 16 January 2016

Games: Gargon and London

Peter’s comments:

Whilst Martin was making major procurement decisions to keep the Family Four on four wheels, David, Marianne and I rolled out the manticore, pegasi, elves, and dragons to fight it out for supremacy on the battlefields of the Gargon where Marianne’s forces were victorious.
Shortly after the dust had settled, Martin arrived in a throttled down little hire car of unremarkable make and which made it into conversation for, perhaps, 30 seconds or so. Cleaning up the battlefield and vanquishing the demons of rumbling stomachs, we then embarked on re-building London after the great fires of 1666. Only one (David) managed successfully to build harmonious quarters where poverty and the trenches of sweatshop industries would not reign, thus rightfully taking the crown of social cohesion and a positive balance of victory points.


Gargon: Marianne

London: Dave

Games remaining: 48


Session 2: Saturday 23 January 2016

Games: Clans and Tobago

Mariannes’s comments:

Clans: Building villages of thatched mud roundhouses across various landscapes, depending on which were most favourable to human habitation into the epoch we were passing through.The game mechanics were enjoyable and quite different to anything we have played so far so fortunately we had time to fit in two games. Not 100% sure of the location, as we were very nomadic and the concept of nations hadn’t been invented yet, but it was certainly somewhere that included mountains, meadows, savannah and forests – so we finally decided we were in Africa.
Tobago – Treasure-hunting in the Caribbean in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This island was so full of treasure it was a race between us in our four-wheel drive vehicles to be the first to reach the buried loot. Incidentally, Disney studios thought Tobago was a pretty good place too, selecting it as the  location for filming the castaway movie The Swiss Family Robinson. While Peter accumulated a hoard of amulets, these did not count towards victory points, and Marianne ended up with the most gold coins at game end.


Clans: Round 1 – Peter. Round 2 – a draw between Peter and Marianne.

Tobago: Marianne

Games remaining: 46


Session 3: Saturday 30 January 2016

Games: Heckmeck am Brautwurmeck and Betrayal at House on the Hill


Heckmeck: Marianne.

BAHOTH: “The Heroes” (Marianne, Peter, Martin)

Games remaining: 44


Session 4: Saturday 13 February 2016

Games: Go to the Top of the Class and Alhambra

Martin’s comments:

Wow, Australia in the 1950s was kinda … boring and weird? At least that’s the impression we got from “Go to the Top of the Class,” an odd vintage game from c. 1956 which combines the, ahem, best aspects of Trivial Pursuit, Snakes and Ladders and maybe the Stepford Wives. The Cold War obviously did strange things to people. In 1492 the fortress of the Alhambra was the last Moorish stronghold in Spain to fall to Christian forces. Now YOU can rebuild the Alhambra all over again in this game, also called “Alhambra”!!! If only the Moors had that option back in 1492 … This tile-laying game plays a bit like the older and more experienced cousin of “Carcassonne”. Now where shall I place that harem?


Go to the Top of the Class: Marianne

Alhambra: Marianne

Games remaining: 42


Session 5: Saturday 27 February 2016

Games: Eco Fluxx and Elder Sign

Martin’s comments:

Two things I learnt from playing Eco Fluxx: 1) Mother Nature cannot be trusted and will change the rules of the game whenever she feels like it, and 2) Dirt + Water = Mud. Think on that for a while. Elder Sign is the Lovecraftian-themed cooperative game where we basically all die, all the time. But at least we died cooperatively! Who was this Lovecraft joker anyway, and what kind of a name is “Yog-Sothoth”?


Eco Fluxx: Falk

Elder Sign: Yog-Sothoth (defeated Peter, Falk, Renee, AB, Marianne and Martin)

Games remaining: 40


Session 6: Saturday 5 March 2016

Games: Packeis am Pol and Tammany Hall


Packeis am Pol: Marianne

Tammany Hall: Falk

Games remaining: 38


Session 7: Saturday 12 March 2016

Games: Colosseum and Unicorns in the Clouds

Martin’s comments:

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in Colosseum you can build, like, four colossal stadia in just five game rounds. What gives, Caesar? As Peter put it, “You know it’s late in the night when you start trying to play Unicorns in the Clouds competitively.” Also, not a total rip-off of My Little Pony (Not. Take that, double negatives!). And yet how cute was my unicorn’s name – Marvel Flower. Awwwww :-)


Colosseum: Renee

Unicorns in the Clouds: Martin

Games remaining: 36

Session 8: Saturday 19 March 2016

Games: Notre Dame

Marianne’s comments:

We three [Marianne, Falk and Peter] went a-gaming in Notre Dame, Paris. It was a bit like playing London – investing in different sectors of the city, building up  influence, money, and prestige while controlling  plague by killing rats, meanwhile bribing corrupt officials for favours.  Quasimodo kept a close eye on proceedings by monitoring player turn order.

Winner: Falk

Games remaining: 35


Session 9: OzBunnyCon, Friday 25 March


1) Splendor

2) Istanbul

3) Lords of Waterdeep

4) Riff Raff

5) Bamboleo

6) Smash Up

7) Incan Gold

8) Codenames

9) King of Tokyo

10) Andean Abyss

Games remaining: 25

Session 10: Saturday 23 April 2016

Games: Im Jahre des Drachen (In the Year of the Dragon)

Winner: Ren

Games remaining: 24

Session 11: International Table Top Day at Gatekeeper Games, Saturday 30 April 2016


1) Malifaux (test play)

2) Hanabi

3) Timeline

Games remaining: 21 (not counting Splendor and Codenames, which were already played in this challenge)

Session 12: Saturday 25 June 2016

Games: Balloon Cup and Bohnanza

Falk’s comments:

Bohnanza had a lot of bad puns about beans, in German. Vomit beans were the best!”


Balloon Cup: Peter

Bohnanza: Falk

Games remaining: 19

Session 13: Saturday 9 July 2016

Games: Mysterium and Vor dem Wind

Martin’s comments: Mysterium worked rather better this second time around for the GvP team. This really is a unique and well-designed game, despite its debt to the old classic whodunnut, Cluedo. The Vision cards in particular are stunning and truly dreamlike; as the Ghost, using these cards to communicate with the Psychics feels like wielding a Tarot deck designed by Salvador Dali and his pet monkey. Vor dem Wind (or “Rotten in Rotterdam” as we dubbed it) looked complicated as Peter did set up, but turned out to be a really engrossing game of tactical warehousing and strategic bidding. We only played a practice game but will definitely return to this one. Big thanks also to Peter for  translating the rules from German on the fly!


Mysterium: The Ghost (Martin) and the Psychics (Marianne, Peter and Falk)

Vor dem Wind: Peter and Martin were joint leaders when we called it quits for the night

Games remaining: 17

Session 14: Saturday 30 July 2016

Games: Ursuppe (Primordial Soup)

Marianne’s comments: Falk, Peter and I were playing amoebae competing for survival in primordial soup. I won – I evolved a tentacle to grab the most food, as well as a gene where I could absorb more damage.

Winner: Marianne


Games remaining: 16

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