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BRUTAL DOOM 64 – computer game review

BRUTAL DOOM 64 – computer game review

Review by Leigh Carr

I finally bought the latest Doom game on Steam and while waiting for the monstrous 70 plus gig file to download I am filling the void with a newly released modification of the Doom 2 engine, Brutal Doom 64.

Anyone who has fond memories playing Doom on the Nintendo 64 console I call bullshit. “Fond” is hardly the right word. The pain a person had to endure when playing this game was borderline masochistic. I had passed every core Doom game on the Ultra-Violent difficulty level up to this point and attempting to pass Doom on the N64 was ridiculous. Dominantly, I blamed the consoles bad controls for never completing the game.

A mod available online named Brutal Doom 64 is allowing me the opportunity to tackle hordes upon hordes of demons from the original game on my PC using the mouse and keyboard. To top it off, the free mod improves the graphics, audio, gameplay and adds incredible amounts of gore. Grabbing my prefered keyboard and mouse I launched the game, gritted my teeth and thought, “Bring it on Motherfucker!” A thought I’d soon take back.

To begin, the game feels a little alien. Somewhere between Quake and the original Doom game. I felt the game was emphasizing the horror of the situation much like Doom 3, but soon enough it started to blossom into the adrenaline pumping game I know it today.

cacodemon_brutaldoom2It’s great. You’ll be running up to Cacodemons with a double barrel shotgun point blank blowing the nasty bastards brains out all over the wall, chunks of it literally dripping from the ceiling onto the ground. Feels good.

The enemies are much the same as the previous doom games with exception of a couple of other additions. The Nightmare Imp is aptly named. These creatures are impossible to see, very fast and can drain your life from hundred to zero faster than you can say “WTF just happened?” It’s pretty much your standard Imp but turned up to 11. The Mother Demon is the final boss and I’m dreading the fight on my hands.

All the weapons have their pros and cons. You’ll be using the pistol for zombies, the machine gun for Pain Elementals, chainsaws for pink demons and the BFG for crowds or that towering Cyberdemon. With each enemy you’ve got to adjust your strategy slightly and if you have the opportunity get demons to accidentally hurt one another so you can watch the ensuing battle of the demons! A great way to conserve ammo.

The levels are tricky. I thought the game had glitched out at some points when in reality I had overlooked a hard to find switch or a door. Once the game level did glitch out on me, so keep two save files handy just in case. Some of the traps can literally kill you with their splash damage.

The game loves spawning wave after wave of demons at you, often a whole bunch of pink demon brutes in a tight circle around where you stand or spawn a whole bunch of Arachnotrons with a nice big old Spiderdemon either forcing you to fight or run for that exit sign.

At one point I swear the game was choking up with the amount of splattered sprites I had lying in gorey chunks around a particular level.

The game is merciless. If demons aren’t trying to kill you the map will try in their wake.

I have one complaint. When attempting to shoot down or up at a 2D sprite in a 3D environment sometimes your ammo will just shoot through the edges. This is frustrating when low on rockets.

You’ll be saving your progress. A lot.

brutaldoom3Visuals and audio have been taken from the original Doom 64 game, but cleaned up and remastered for PC.

This game is hard as nails. It’ll make your neighbours think you have anger management problems.

Well worth it for those that want a challenge. For the price of FREE you don’t have a reason NOT to play this game. (But you must have a copy of Doom 2 to play)

Download it here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom-64


LeighCarr1Born of a jackal, Leigh decided to devote his life to all things horror at a young age. Now that he’s an adult not much has changed. He enjoys Board Games, Tabletop Role Playing Games and Electronic games, has a loving family that have put up with his crippling addictions, and is an ordained priest of the First United Church of Cthulhu. In his spare time he is a facilitator for a bank.

Leigh is also the creator and moderator of the Call of Cthulhu Melbourne Facebook community, where he goes by the madness-inducing pseudonym of “Leigh Carrthulu”. If you love Old Squidface as much as we think you do, ask Leigh to join the Facebook community. (Before you ask – you don’t have to be from Melbourne to join. Great Cthulhu has enough love to go around for us all.) You can also read the interview with Leigh here on Games vs Play.

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