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Doom (2016)

Doom (2016)

Sure, you can read this review or you can stop being such a tight WAD and buy it already! I deserve a punch in the face for that joke and I’m fine with that, as I am now a hardened Space Soldier responsible for the death and destruction of half of hell, and I’d bring all of those demons back to life just so I can do it again because I’m Godzilla, King Kong and Cthulhu rolled into a small explosive package with a short fuse that doesn’t give a ****! No apologies for the crass and explosive introduction.

Doom_CoverDoom is awesome. You’re the Doom warrior, or some such, brought to life by some power company to battle the legions of Hell in and on a Mars space station. The story is a little more complex than that if you care to listen, watch, read or make sense of any information thrown at you during the course of this game… which I didn’t. I’m a killing machine with a thirst for demon blood and I haven’t got time for that stuff.

You wake up on the slab and you beat undead demons to death with your fists. Once you get weapons and ammo you kill even more demons. If you’re not killing demons then you’re probably dead or running to the next location where you get to kill more demons. Plot progression is drip fed to you at staggered intervals. If you knock enough health off a demon you are prompted to finish them. When within a certain proximity you can snap their neck, crush their skull, or tear their still beating heart out of their body then shove it down their throat. The type of insta-kill you perform depends on the angle you decide to kill the sucker. When you perform insta-kills you get health and ammo bonuses to assist in the death of more demons.

Doom4_Codex_ChainsawWeapons. You get lots of them. All of the original doom classics are there. Double barrel shotgun, plasma rifle, the BFG and the chainsaw. Some of the weapons work different to how they were designed to function in the previous Doom games, such as the chainsaw, which can only be used to insta-kill most things a limited number of times until you find more fuel. Most weapons have attachments that slightly change the way they function, such as a scope for zooming with the assault rifle or a burst fire function for the pump action shotgun.

BARON_OF_HELL_2There’s small quick demons, there’s fat slow demons, there’s strong punchy demons, there’s flighty shooty demons, and there’s mega-big apocalyptic demons. You’ll have a blast meeting then killing them all.

You can upgrade your armor, guns and stuff. It has a platformer element as there’s a bit of jumping, double jumping and hoisting onto ledges. Special “Rune Challenges” that, when completed, help you unlock specific skills. There’s secret areas, challenges and also unlockable levels from the Original doom games! Sweet!

Graphics look unbelievable. To play this on ULTRA settings at a decent resolution you’re looking at buying a beasty computer. Everything is so well crafted and detailed, sometimes I feel like stopping to have a look around instead of killing stuff.

Sound is awesome. Guns go boom. Gore splatters with a pitter patter. The more demons that appear on your screen the more the music intensifies into a heavy metal guitar riff or something equally cool. The constant sound of clenched grinding teeth during combat was a little iritating to begin with… until I realized that it was, in fact, my own teeth.

One MAJOR problem with this game. Doom Version 6.66 for PC has been reported to have a considerable drop in frame rate when played in full screen mode. I had this problem myself when playing on a GTX 1070 meaning I had to play in a window. Not a deal breaker as the window pretty much filled my entire screen anyway. Id software have had PLENTY of time to fix this problem so why haven’t they updated it yet? Probably because Version 6.67 doesn’t have the same ring to it as version 6.66. Console players should have no problem.

CACODEMONOn one particular level, where I had to scale a tower, I had such trouble finding the path leading to the next level. Instead I found several secrets. Some small little puzzles, such as shooting the emergency breaks off an elevator, may hinder and irritate gamers rather than add to the gameplay. We are here to kick arse and rip hell apart, not maintenance work.

Despite these short-falls it’s good to see Doom going back to how it should be: a technical graphics showcase as well as a First Person Shooter that kicks arse. Id Software did not hold back on this title.

This game is a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. Worth every penny. If you want balls-to-the-wall action without the Doom 3-esque “Ooo! Look at me! I’m so scary!” factor, this will be the game for you. A heavy metal action pumped FPS that’ll be hard to top for years to come.

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