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Peter’s Challenge: 50 Games in 50 Weeks

Peter’s Challenge: 50 Games in 50 Weeks

We have received our first Challenge for 2016, and it’s a doozy!

Our good friend Peter calls his Challenge “50 Games in 50 Weeks.” Basically he’s set us the Challenge to play our way through his games library. The numbers speak for themselves, and yes, we are doing the maths and quietly wetting our collective pants. But we must press on, for a Challenge at Games vs Play cannot go unanswered!

Here’s what Peter had to say about his Challenge:

Hi All,

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!!

Seeing that Christmas is only 50 or so weeks away, I have a challenge for us collective gamers:  Fifty Games in Fifty Weeks. Now, I don’t quite have 50 games on the shelf, only 47, some of which are 2-player games, a few rely on German text, a few are really not so good, and then there is one where the rules don’t make any sense (neither the English, nor the German ones, and I didn’t dig too deeply into the Italian rules…). So, in a playable and group-sense here are 39 games or so which I am submitting into the challenge. And if that’s not quite enough, I’ll throw the 2-player games into the mix and bring it up to 42! 

Are you tough enough to go on this quest and persevere?

Cheers, Peter

After consulting with our lawyers, we agreed upon the following conditions for Peter’s Challenge of “50 Games in 50 Weeks”:

  • We are allowed to play more than one game from the list in any given session , so long as we average out to 50 games played over 50 weeks
  • A game counts as being “played” so long as at least 1 member of the Games vs Play team is present
  • Guest contributors drawn from among our gaming friends, allies and people press-ganged off the street are permitted to take part in the Challenge
  • Seeing as Peter’s games library tops out at 42 games, the remaining 8 games needed to bring the total to 50 games can be chosen by the players
  • The first rule of Games vs Play is: You do not talk about Games vs Play [Please remove this rule. This is my final warning – Ed.]

We’ll keep you updated as we progress through the Challenge. Wish us luck, and remember – if you’re game, we’ll play!

Peter’s List (in no particular order)

  1. Winter Tales
  2. Colosseum – PLAYED
  3. Battle Star Galactica – PLAYED
  4. Betrayal at the House on the Hill – PLAYED
  5. Village, including Village Inn expansion
  6. Im Jahr des Drachen (In the Year of the Dragon) – PLAYED
  7. Tammany Hall – PLAYED
  8. London – PLAYED
  9. Notre Dame – PLAYED
  10. Clans – PLAYED
  11. Tobago – PLAYED
  12. Robo Rally
  13. Shadows over Camelot
  14. Ursuppe (Primordial Soup), including expansion – PLAYED
  15. Hansa
  16. Arche Optimix (The Ark)
  17. Alhambra – PLAYED
  18. König der Elfen (King of the Elves)
  19. Carcassonne
  20. St. Petersburg
  21. Vor dem Wind (Wind Astern) – PLAYED
  22. Ziegen kriegen (Cliffhanger) – PLAYED
  23. 6 Nimmt
  24. Sitting Ducks – PLAYED
  25. Hanabi – PLAYED
  26. Der Elefant im Porzellanladen (The Bull in the China Shop) – PLAYED
  27. Gargon – PLAYED
  28. Keltis – The card game – PLAYED
  29. Bohnanza – PLAYED
  30. Sobeck
  31. Potion Making Practice (+ 2 expansions)
  32. Um Krone und Kragen (To Court the King)
  33. Handelsfürsten – Herren der Meere (Merchants)
  34. Tsuro
  35. Uchronia
  36. Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck (Pickomino) – PLAYED
  37. Gheos
  38. Seeräuber (Buccaneers) – PLAYED
  39. Packeis am Pol (Hey, that’s my fish!) – PLAYED
  40. Sakkara – PLAYED
  41. Aton – PLAYED
  42. Balloon Cup – PLAYED

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